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What are people saying ....
  on EM SHERIF :
 " very expensive w ma lah ytawel w bisakker...."
  Fadi on Byblos Fishing Club :
 " My favorite! food is waw!!!! and location amazing!...."
  mousa on AKLE :
 " special foods & special alcool...."
  smiley on Zaman Beyrouth :
 " very nice!...."
  THIS PLACE STINKS! on Le Chef Restaurant :
 " AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! This place has a deceptive title and need to recruit a better waiter. The waiter clearly needs to dress in a more professional way and also need to learn the manners and etiquette of hospitality. He added water that I didn\'t order to the bill and when I paid, he moved the table to new guests who just arrived while my wallet was still on the table leaving me sitting in an awkward situation. Apparently, the waiter doesn\'t like his job or he simply lacks adequate manners. The food could have been better when the menu states something while what you get is a big disappointment. Unfortunately, I didn\'t take photos of the spinach with meat according to the menu when it arrived the meat was a mission impossible to find in the spinach. The side dish and the salad was really mediocre and the vegetables looked old and about to become fossils. Last but not least, I wouldn\'t eat there again even if they offer me the food for free....."

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A leader in its own right since its December 2009 opening, Maki Beirut has established itself as a forerunner when it comes to con...
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